The .NET software framework, developed by Microsoft, is one of the most-sought platforms

Dot Net Experts India is focused on developing dot net experts India for several businesses. Migration services for NET assist companies in migrating their previous applications to better working, safer, and more versatile. 

Whether the user is coming from an earlier version of a dot, dash, or other, the logic remains the same. The .NET framework or from a different platform, for your migration into or out of ASP, we have skilled experts who guarantee you a successful migration process.

Our .NET migration services cover assessment of the programs you are currently using, planning to the slightest detail, and implementation with careful measures taken.

Our Extensive Range of .NET Migration Services

The services we provide include migration services aimed at your organization's specific requirements. Therefore, at Safe Gutenberg, our highly vetted team guarantees a seamless, quick, and safe migration to the .NET framework.


Legacy System Migration

Examples of auto performances include outdated hardware, software, and other technology that never allows expansion. In our observation, your high-priority applications are migrated to contemporary platforms that make your applications deliver more value such as in scalability and security.


.NET Core Migration

The application of NET Core can lead to better flexibility and performance in the application. Its feature helps us help organizations to upgrade from previous versions of the. NET framework to .NET Core and achieving better compatibility and bridging the gap that shall highly utilize the cross-platform and optimized performance of .NET Core.


Application Re-Engineering

When it comes to ASP. NET-specific services, our application re-engineering service covers almost every aspect of your existing applications and carries out a complete reconstruction of all your prior coding and engineering solutions to maximize the benefits of your new .NET environment.


Cloud Migration

The advantages of migrating your applications to the cloud include flexibility in scaling your applications, low costs, and enhanced disaster recovery solutions. Our .NET cloud migration services help with the transfer of your .NET modules to the cloud infrastructure including Microsoft Azure to enhance their cloud compatibility and operability.


Database Migration

When you need database migration assistance for safe and effective transfer to a new, we offer you .NET-compatible databases. This relates to data transformation, migration, or validation, reducing service disruption, and maximizing data consistency.


Integration Services

Our integration services make it possible to make necessary adjustments once you have migrated to the new platform of .NET applications and integrate with the other systems in your organization.

Why Choose Us

Why Should You Choose Us for .NET migration services?

Extensive Expertise

Our team of certified personnel is dedicated and includes professionals with years of experience in the industry. The .NET professionals have high technical content knowledge and produce a broad overview of the .NET framework.

Customized Migration Strategies

This policy means that all enterprises are diverse, with special requirements and objectives. The strategy used is to assess your current system precisely and establish migration strategies that will work suitably for your needs.

Seamless Integration and Optimization

Our .NET migration services do not strictly translate between encodings. With us, we fine-tune your applications to the best form and then liaise them with your current setup and other solutions efficiently.

Comprehensive Testing and Quality Assurance

Testing is essentially the last procedure in the software development life cycle, but it involves extensive and rigorous examination of the software product to ensure that it meets the set quality standards.

Dedicated Support and Maintenance

We also offer post-migration support and maintenance services to help you resolve any issue arising after migrating your application and to guarantee that your application is secure and performing optimally as well as updated.

Cost-Effective Solutions

It is worth stating that the demands of the modern world mean that cost-effectiveness has become a crucial factor in today’s business activities. Our aim of .NET migration services is to create as much utility as possible since the services are both of great quality and offered for a good cost.

Empowering Your Migration with Cutting-Edge Tools of .NET Migration Services

Due to our experience, we can provide you with high-potential technologies that would suit your business needs.

  • Technologies
    Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Technologies
    .NET Framework and .NET Core
  • Technologies
    Azure DevOps
  • Technologies
  • Technologies
    SQL Server
  • Technologies
  • Technologies
  • Technologies
  • Technologies
  • Technologies
  • Technologies
  • Technologies

Checkout the Process We Follow for .NET Migration 

Our well-defined process ensures a smooth and efficient transition, minimizing risks and disruptions to your business operations.

Assessment and Planning

Our migration process begins with an assessment of both your applications and the infrastructure in place. Undoubtedly, there is a comprehensive analysis of the current state of the systems, the detection of possible problem areas, and the definition of business needs.


The next step is defining the development, testing, and deployment environments that we shall use in the project. Configuring servers, configuring databases, and development tools are some of the aspects of system setup.

Code Analysis and Refactoring

Our specialists specify some places that should be changed to support the functionality of the .NET framework. We adapt the code to the new framework – modernize it and optimize it for better background performance, and code readability.

Data Migration

We guarantee the secure and efficient transfer of your data to the new encryption method .NET environment. It includes the process of identifying the relevant data, further transforming it, and validating it. 

Integration and Testing

It is when after migrating code and data, we incorporate the new .NET applications with their third-party services. A unit test proves if individual modules of migrated applications work as expected.

Deployment and Support

The final step is deploying the migrated applications to the production environment. Whenever there are issues regarding changes or adaptation from using the old system to the new migration system, we offer support and updates to fix such issues.

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